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Posted by ErikMcClure - April 6th, 2009

I have no idea how it happened, but WHEEEEEEEEEEEEE!


Sytrus Tutorials
Orchestra/Piano Samples
MIS Stereo Piano Soundfont

Front Page'd


Yup, I put those submissions up there about 8-9 hours ago


My gratitude is indescribable, good sir! Thanks! :D

yay finally some recognition you get!!! congratzelationz on teh fr0n7 p4635 1_337

Retarded Windows song got into #26 again lol


Thank ye

Thanks to that i just found my second favorite audio artist!

lol thanks :D

keep up with the music ur good.


I know how it happend, you make awsome music, and you were rewarded. that's why you should make good songs all the time, instead of programing games barley anyone will get to play beacause they are so hard to get working (Descent:Wumpus is allways complaining when ever I use it beacause of something or another)


The reason that stupid game doesn't work is because of Microsoft and their retardedness. Plus, it was a school project done in a couple of months. The current game I'm making has only 1 dependency and works on almost anything.

With that said, I get paid to program stuff. I don't get paid to make music.

You don't get paid to make music beacause you don't sell your music (well I'm not sugesting you sell all your music, just some of it). if you did, you would make money off of it.

Not very much. In terms of professional music, mine doesn't even come close. It's pretty good for an amateur, but amateur's don't make a living off what they do. I make music whenever I happen to be inspired, that's all.

now I see the problem here, you think that your very amuter, but really your not. (Execpt possibly for the fact that you publish it for free, but I dont think thats part of the definiton) Seriously, do you think you were just front paged for no good reason? beacause, you weren't. you were front paged beacause you are professional. You should think about it. you make good music, and lots of people like it when they see it (as of now, I've never heard of a person who hates your music) and here, some people are calling you a VERY great artist. Including me. If that's not a sign of professionalism, I don't know what is.

I would take a consideration more seriously if I was more confidant in my ability to make high quality songs. As it stands, I'm at the mercy of creativity, time, and luck for putting out a good track. I can't simply work on a song for a week and somehow make it awesome. If I define "Crystalline Cloudscape" "Duress" "Retarded windows song" and "If a Dream Came True" as hit songs, then I have almost exactly 8 months between each. So I've got another 7 months to go.

good point, but you have made many good songs inbetween them, such as Tears Aflame, which is still very good, even though it wasn't very popular.

I average about 2 pretty good songs in between really good ones. I'm kind of frustrated right now because I have a really good idea for a song, but I've been mulling over it for weeks and can't figure out how to do anything with it.

If your still stuck on that song, could you send it to me so I can listen to it (I promise I won't steal it.)

I scrapped the idea and about 5 others a while ago. I might be getting somewhere with one I started today, but time constraints are tight.

Hey i'm there too, lol?!

How does one get there? And more important, why didn't i know? haha.

SBB or another mod sticks you on the frontpage. I didn't notice for almost 2 days until I started getting unusually large amounts of reviews :P

what happend to orbital and qasm theme?

I scrapped that iteration of the qasm theme, and Orbital is on its way to being a real song... except now I'm going on vacation so it'll have to wait until next Wednesday to get finished.

well if you scraped that qasm theme, then can you leave put it back up under a diffrent name, so at least I can hear it.

No its horrible and i hate it

whats up with black sphere studios?

Muahahahaha >:3

just beacause you think it's horrible it doesn't mean others hate it. :(
One mans trash is another mans trance.


I guess it just progress. wtf.

could you repeat that in english?

I don't care if you upload it. If you don't want to you don't have to. :(