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Posted by ErikMcClure - May 27th, 2020

Dreams of Distant Stars has been released! This album is a 6 year journey of musical development, as I attempted to move towards a hybrid orchestral sound and weave traditional instrumentation through digital synths.

Buy it on bandcamp for $8, or $10 on iTunesAmazon, and Google Play. The album is also available on Spotify, Deezer, other online radios, and can be previewed on YouTube. The entire album can now be previewed right here on newgrounds.

Track List:

  1. Legends of Magic [4:00]
  2. Whirlwind [3:29]
  3. Tantabus [4:39]
  4. Mayday [2:10]
  5. Europa [4:49]
  6. Magnetar [4:32]
  7. Nuetronium [5:11]
  8. Digital Crystals [3:26]
  9. Salmagundi [3:22]
  10. Andromeda [5:06]
  11. Corona [3:09]
  12. Dreams of Distant Stars [4:46]
  13. Twilight's Star [3:46]
  14. Endgame [3:12]




Posted by ErikMcClure - July 12th, 2013

Aurora Theory has been released! Buy it on bandcamp for $7, or $10 on iTunes, Amazon, and Google Play. The album is also available on Spotify, last.fm, other online radios, and can be previewed on YouTube. The entire album can now be previewed right here on newgrounds.

Aurora Theory has been 4 years in the making, a compilation of all the songs I managed to make in the middle of attending university. The earlier songs have been extensively improved, and all songs have been remastered for the album's release. This album represents nothing less than the highest quality work I can possibly manage at this point in my career. I've acquired a fair number of fans over the years, and I want to thank you for supporting my musical endeavors so far.

Track List:
1. Soar (Original Mix) [5:49]
2. Aurora Theory (Redux) [4:10]
3. Cosminox [5:41]
4. Tendril [5:32]
5. Birefringence [3:57]
6. Critical Damage (Extended Mix) [3:45]
7. Starstruck [4:22]
8. Dream Among The Stars [4:06]
9. At The Nationals [4:02]
10. The Cloud River [5:38]
11. The Piano And The Cello [3:53]
12. Snowflower [5:53]
13. Spiral Nebula [5:44]
14. Next Year [5:31]

Aurora Theory Released


Posted by ErikMcClure - December 7th, 2012

My Solar Noise EP is now available for $3.99 on bandcamp, itunes, Google Play, Amazon MP3, and a bunch of other online stores I've never even heard of! It has 5 tracks - Solar Noise, Tidal Forces, and 3 alternate mixes, including a remix by my friend Apelsin, who is way better than me (and also mastered the album). Here is the track list:

1. Solar Noise (Original Mix)
2. Solar Noise (Club Mix)
3. Solar Noise (Apelsin Remix)
4. Tidal Forces (Original Mix)
5. Tidal Forces (Club Mix)

For your enjoyment, I have submitted a preview of the album on newgrounds. A full-length preview can be found on youtube, and you may preview each individual track on bandcamp before making a purchase. Note that bandcamp is the only website that I know for sure offers lossless versions of the tracks. If you are a DJ in charge of a radio station, send me a message either on newgrounds, twitter, or by e-mail and I will give you a promo code to download the club mixes for free. If you are interested in a physical CD, tell me! If enough people request CDs I can make a print run of them. As always, thank you for supporting my musical endeavors!

Solar Noise - EP Released!


Posted by ErikMcClure - August 19th, 2012

Almost a decade ago, I thought I wanted to make games. I began building a graphics engine for that purpose, since back then, there were almost no open-source 2D graphics engines using 3D acceleration. It wasn't until later that I discovered I liked building the graphics engine more than I liked building games.

Times have changed, but I continue to tinker away on my graphics engine while going to college and learning just how dumb the rest of the world is. In the most recent bout of astonishing stupidity, my country has decided it doesn't recognize political asylum for people it doesn't like. It wasn't until reality had begun a full-scale assault on my creativity and imagination that I truly understood why artists feel compelled to lose themselves in their imaginations.

My imagination. It is something I could not possibly describe in any meaningful way. Art exists because some things can't be described, they must be shown. And yet, few things in my imagination are my own. I hunt down talented artists and visionaries, lose myself in the worlds they constructed, then take everything out of context and reconstruct my own worlds, perhaps based on another artist's vision, using the same concepts. I construct multiple visualizations, art styles, and game elements. My mental stage is fueled by awesome music, music that launches my imagination into incredible creative sprees. Sometimes I craft incredible melodies of my own, but rarely are they ever truly expressed in any satisfactory way in my music.

My life is one of creative frustration. I became obsessed with computer graphics as a way to realize my vision, but I wasn't interested in simply learning how to 3D model (which I happen to be terrible at, like everything else). I don't see the world as CGI, I see the world through the lens of a GPU. I look at things and ask, how might I render that? My imagination is not a static picture or movie, its a world that meant to be explored. Sometimes I play games for the storyline, or the gameplay, but the one thing that has always grabbed me is the ability to explore. I played Freelancer for 5 years, installed hundreds of mods, and was constantly enthralled simply by the exploration, the enormous universe, finding new systems, and discovering new places.

I can't draw a leaf. But I can create a mathematical model of it. I can calculate the textures and patterns, the branching veins and how each has their own specular, diffuse and transfer lighting functions. I can build abstractions and simulations, genetic recombinations and simplex noise algorithms. After I build tools to procedurally generate all the elements of a world, maybe then I can bring my imagination to life. But then, it's not really my imagination, it's what other artists inspire in me. I want to get as close to an artistic vision as possible, and beyond. I want to expand their artistic ideas and make them into something that is truly beautiful and inspiring, a clear extension of their vision, where it's soul shines like a beacon instead of being buried under bureaucratic bullshit.

I am an artist who cannot draw. I'm a musician incapable of painting the sonic landscape of my imagination. I am a dreamer who has no dreams of his own. If I am a programmer, it is because programming is the only way for me to express my creativity. But programming itself is not simply a means to an end. Programming is my paintbrush, my canvas, and my palette. I know how to read x86 assembly. I have abused C++11 lambdas to create temporary closures that hold a mutable state. I've crafted architectures and APIs and object-inheritance schemes and functional undo/redo stacks and lockless queues and kd-trees. Programming is my art and my music, and every new language or algorithm I explore is another instrument for me to use when building my symphony.

Yet, many programmers hold little respect for alternative opinions. People who don't conform to strict guidelines are viewed as either terrible programmers or "cowboy" programmers destined to bring ruin to every project they touch. Everything must follow protocol, everyone must do things this way or that way. Instead of celebrating our diversity in programming languages, we viciously attack each other as using a "terrible language". Perhaps I have simply been inside a strange anomaly where everyone is obsessed with corporate practices and coding standards instead of building things.

Or perhaps I'm an artist trapped inside a software engineer.


Original Post


Posted by ErikMcClure - September 13th, 2010

Due to Bandcamp's sudden threat to turn all of my free downloads into paid ones, I decided to go ahead and start selling my music properly. Renascent is now available for $2, or about as much as a gallon of milk costs. It contains remastered, super high quality (lossless if you choose to download in FLAC format) versions of all 14 songs, in addition to the original FLP project files used to create them. If you have ever wondered how I made a particular song, this might be another incentive to purchase the album. Note that these FLPs are released under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 license, so you can't go running off with them like free candy.

Track List:
1. On The Edge (2:56)
2. Renascent (4:06)
3. The Boundless Sea (6:49)
4. Duress (2:40)
5. Seaside Lookout (4:54)
6. Sapphire [Redux] (2:20)
7. Absolutia (3:04)
8. The Plea (3:46)
9. Now (2:34)
10. Alutia (4:10)
11. Rite (5:20)
12. Crystalline Cloudscape (4:04)
13. All Alone (3:06)
14. SunStorm (4:12)

Total Time: 56:44

Listen and Buy It Here


Posted by ErikMcClure - June 13th, 2010

You guys just won't let me leave >C

I'm not sure how much longer I'll be able to reply to all my reviews. I honestly have better things to do. I will probably upload my next track here soon just to see if I can get weekly top 5 again, but I will probably cease replying to reviews unless there is something of substance to reply to. My priorities keep switching wildly and I'm still wondering if I could get signed or if I even want to get signed.

Meanwhile, I worship this guy:

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/* */


Posted by ErikMcClure - January 18th, 2010

Using information I gleaned from DJ-immune, I have succeeded in hunting down the original sources of some of the best songs that were submitted.

Amnesia: Broken Heart (Epic Anthem Mix) - DJ Peti

Meadow: Amnesia - Sirius Delta

Crisis (Pt. 1): Nemesis - Agamemnon Project

Crisis (Pt. 2): Flashback (Agamemnon Project Remix) - Etrozia

Crisis (Pt. 3): Substance N Trance -Part I- Rising Sun - SlayersFiction

Rift: Hyperion - Agamemnon Project

Rotate: Theme of Agamemnon - Agamemnon Project

Gate: Gate To Heaven - Dreameye <-- This was made with FL Studio 7. Check the comments for all the VSTs and samplepacks that were used.

Above The Clouds: Endless Horizon - SlayersFiction

Oversea: at the end of the day (extended-mix) - Samur Wilkenset

Zenon: Liquid Green (Acid Club Mix) - Canna Twins

Evolved: Changing Lights - Agamemnon Project (Link is a rework, not the original that Immune submitted)

EC - It's a Dream (-Imm-Remix): It's a dream (Pattraxx Remix) - Pattraxx

Thunder: Nightvision - Seismograph (Thunderstriker's Earthquake Remix) - Thunderstriker

Reliant: Strong but Vulnerable [TRANCE] [EXT] - SlayersFiction

Swift: Strong but Vulnerable (Substance N Trance Edit) - SlayersFiction

Crusade: Infinity (original 2004 club mix) - Illitheas

Thumper: Inexpressible - Illitheas

Identity: Always And Forever - Devin Hill

The "style" of DJ-Immune was largely a combination of The Agamemnon Project and SlayersFiction for the techno songs, and basically all his piano songs were ripped from Simon Daum. Simon Daum, however, has a LOT of songs, so just go look up his music for yourself, I can't be bothered to find the exact matches. Freedom is probably one of his best.

Now we can all listen to the music LEGALLY! Hooray!


Posted by ErikMcClure - December 3rd, 2009

How do I know? Because iZone stole 6 of my songs, without even bothering to rename them. It all started when a friend of mine pointed out that someone had stolen Retarded Windows Song, which eventually led me to a guy giving out his e-mail so he can use The Dark Temple in his game.

That was the most fun I've ever had writing an e-mail.

I reported him, but not before taking this screenshot.


EQing with FL Spectroman
Sytrus Tutorials
Orchestra/Piano Samples
MIS Stereo Piano Soundfont


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