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MIS Orchestra Instrument Samples

Posted by ErikMcClure - March 10th, 2008

There aren't many free samples of individual instruments, so I took the samples from this website, split them up, cut, pasted, and trimmed them by hand into individual wav files, then loaded them into DirectWave. This pack contains the directwave programs and the source wave files (all labeled) to each of the following instruments:

- Alto Flute
- Alto Saxophone*
- Bass Clarinet
- Bass Flute
- Bass Trombone
- Bassoon
- Bb Clarinet
- Bb Trumpet*
- Cello
- Double Bass°
- Eb Clarinet
- Flute*
- French Horn
- Oboe
- Piano
- Soprano Saxophone*
- Tenor Trombone
- Tuba
- Viola°
- Violin
* = There are 2 sets of samples for these instruments: Vibrato and Non-vibrato
° = There are 2 sets of samples for these instruments: Arco and Pizzicato

The pack is divided into the MIS Orchestra Instruments and MIS Stereo Piano - If you don't have directwave, you can load the wav files into the sample manager of your choice. The source samples that this pack was built from were released into the public domain with no restrictions. This collection is released under the Creative Commons Sampling Plus 1.0 license (essentially, yes, you can sell songs you make using these samples).

MIS Orchestra Instruments (580 MB) [ alternate ]
MIS Stereo Piano (200 MB) [ alternate ]

Songs Made Using the SamplePack
- Risuko's Tears
- Everything Burns


NOTE: There are over 2700 samples in this pack (2770), and thus it is impossible for me to find all of the mistakes. Please tell me if you find one so I can fix it ASAP. Better yet, fix it for me and send it so I don't have to :D


awesome, i'll have to check that out.

btw- if you're looking for something great and free, I recommend you check out squidfont (a soundfont).

I will, thanks

I can't get to the orchestra instrument link, but I'm downloading the piano link right now, it's taking ages though... I don't have many bulky VSTi's/sound samples, the larges I think is at 35 MB, so 200 MB is a lot. It better be good. But from the songs you made with the samples, it sounds pretty damn awesome.

The piano samples are abhorrently large, but they are of the highest possible quality I could get. You couldn't download the orchestra samples before as I *just* finished uploading them.

hey, i've never actually used samples really in a track (other than drums and percussion). How exactly do these work? are they single note samples with each note on the instrument sampled, of different types (for instance, pizzicato, legato, staccato, etc.) of styles? and of course, i assume it would get vary unorganized if you loaded all the samples into seperate channels needless to say, so do you know of program that could load them all in one channel? (kind of like FPC, but for melodic instruments)

also, i finally, got back to reading your sytrus tutorial. it sounds like you work for the company you explain it so well tho XD. i just got done reading part 2, I'm still kinda iffy with understanding LFO, cutoff frequencys and resonance but I'm just experimenting and trying to let sink in. awesome tutorial, once again.

lol, thanks, I figured most of the sytrus stuff out via trial-and-error.

The samples are individual note samples on each instrument of different types, and I have loaded them into a sample management program called DirectWave which does exactly that. You could also load the wav files into another sample management VSTi.

i see. well thanks for the tip!

hey, i finally downloaded the piano samples. It's the best pack or plugin that I could find. The only problem is that some notes are missing, some of the lower velocities on some notes are missing, and there was even one note that played a chord. did you get the same problem? i could provide specifics if you need them.

Really? The piano samples should be perfect! Can you identify the exact files that have a problem? I'll look into it right away.

alright, it wasnt too many of them, actually, but here are the problems from what I ran across:

-The C5 key is playing a C5 and B5 at the same time
-The B5 key makes no sound
-The E4 key makes no sound
-Velocities under around 70% on the E5 key make no sound

Everything is fixed now except for the C5 key, because I tested all of the Cs and none of them played duplicate notes :\

It'll take a while for the updated version to be zipped up and uploaded.

I might sound really illiterate but I'm new at this... I don't know how to get it to work with FL Studio 10. Can you tell me how to do that? Also, I have tried to download it a couple of times and it keep telling me that there is like 55,000 mb or so in the folder, but that the folder is empty. It won't let me extract the files or see the folders or anything. Help would be greatly greatly appreciated. Thanks!

i got it to work in FLS but i'm wondering how to make the notes different lengths like I need them. It seems that the instruments that work the way i want them to have a small DW in the corner of the icon on the side menu. any idea where i can get more of those?

What is the password to "MIS Stereo Piano and "MIS Orchestra Instrumental"??

Can you possibly re-upload these files elsewhere? The servers for the alternate links are not working properly, and main download links don't show the files anywhere on the website.

I updated the alternate links

I applaud your efforts :-] I'm excited to try out your compilation on these soundfonts, not too often to I see articles of people putting together their own presets & such alike on Drirect Wave. I've always loved using that type of VST plugin. FL Studio 9 was my favourite back when it came with high quality piano or orchestral style violins.